Who We Work With

Lead with Arts Alliances

Lead with Arts partners with schools, universities, non-profits, small businesses, museums, arts studios, and other organizations on a variety of performance, arts & health and creative placemaking projects. Here is a selection of organizations we’re proud to align ourselves with:


Lead with Arts’ Amanda Whitworth co-founded the organization to focus on arts and health programming; conceptualization of a physical theatre space; performance; standardized patient education; and, community engagement.

Artisan Iron

For this fine metalwork small business, we provided site-specific art installation, supervised live happenings and curated events and performances.

Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire

Provided expertise in board service, youth leadership and creative placemaking.

Ashland Elementary School (Warriors)

For this school, we took on the challenges of project management, grant writing and served as an integrated arts consultant.

Circulus Arts

Lead with Arts was thrilled to participate within this group’s multi-disciplinary performance experiences.

Concord Hospital New Hampshire Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency

For this health field residency, we provided somatic workshops and live performances focused on facilitation around healing-centered engagement and arts modalities for healing.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Leadership Preventive Medicine Residency (LPMR)

We provided somatic workshops and live performance for the residents, creating healing-centered engagement.

Depressed Cake Shop

We provided event planning and project management services.

McIninch Art Gallery at Southern New Hampshire University

We focused on multi-disciplinary performance collaboration and performance.

Museum of the White Mountains

We served as a project consultant and project and event planner.

New Hampshire State Council on the Arts

We partnered with the New Hampshire Creative Communities Network Steering Committee, which involved panel discussions and facilitation and networking.

New Millennium Studios

Provided choreography and directing for film services.

New Hampshire Dance Collaboratives

Partnered here on dance production and performance in “unexpected” places.

Plan New Hampshire

Our role here was as a guest speaker on the subjects of arts and culture advocacy, and creative placemaking workshops/panels/talks.

Plymouth State University

Served in the role of Director of Dance, which entailed curriculum development, arts advocacy, arts administration, youth leadership, interdisciplinary projects and performances.

Resilience Planning and Design LLC

Partnered on arts and culture data collection, community engagement and programming, town/city master plans and creative placemaking.

Under the Ashland Big Top

Provided a student-focused arts and culture experience with guest artists to engage community partners with a focus on youth leadership.