Performance & Production = Power

The potential for power comes from our collective stories. Performance provides the outlet to bring these amazing stories to the community. People + questions + creative process = stories for performance.

Work with Lead with Arts:

  • Original choreography
  • Dance and physical theatre performance
  • Devised works of physical theatre
  • Dance Master Classes
  • Teaching Artist Engagements
  • Artist Residencies
  • Arts and Culture representaion in cross sector projects

What is a Performance Product?

Questions act as catalysts for innovation by inspiring research and provoking opinion, ultimately creating a wonky road map that can be edited in order to find the most interesting route or routes leading to an impactful story for performance.

A quality performance “product” results from the creation process. Creating and producing performative work strengthens the product by an awareness and desire to connect across sectors. Themes and outcomes derived from education, community engagement and advocacy – to name a few – allow for deep thinking and informed art making.

To put it simply, our world is layered and interesting. Curious? Have a look at our performance videos.

Performance Studies Tenets

The academic discipline of Performance Studies lays out an interesting framework for creating new work. The four major tenets of Performance Studies in relation to “action,” devised by Richard Schecner and his associates at NYU, are key priorities when engaging in the process of making and producing works of art:

  • Behavior is the “object of study” – what people do in the activity of doing it
  • Artistic practice is mandatory: relationship between studying and doing is crucial
  • Fieldwork as “participant observer” with fewer limitations
  • Involved in social practices and advocacies

Use these tenets to answer hard questions that arise, and respond through various creative methods (movement, technology, music and theatre). Ultimately, the evolution of the work is supported by opening experiences to the world around us.