Movement. Metamorphosis. Mastery.

Lead with Arts inspires action through collaboration, innovation and invention through the mediums of dance and performance arts.

Founder Amanda Whitworth’s vision is the collaboration of a cross section of entrepreneurs, design thinkers and storytellers – all committed to blending arts into the community.

Within this creative laboratory are opportunities to make order out of chaos and take huge, risky leaps. We see failure as an opportunity for success, not a reason to shrink.

Let’s get moving forward – and yes, dancing! – to evolve our community for the better with bodies in motion, mastering their crafts and stimulating others to do the same. Let’s Lead with Arts.

Association of Artists

Founder/teacher/performer Amanda Whitworth oversees Lead with Arts, but the aim is much bigger than one person. Let’s combine forces to raise the voice for dance and creativity within the arts. Join with Amanda to use performance and the arts as a means to improve health within the community.


Lead with Arts provides the gamut of services and tasks related to performance arts. We partner with schools, universities, non-profits, small businesses, municipalities, museums, arts studios and other organizations – anyone who needs a little push to get moving or some assistance related to the arts! We have expertise in the following, but not limited to:

  • Teaching artist engagements
  • Dance and arts production
  • Community engagement
  • Arts and health workshops
  • Youth leadership
  • Project management
  • Event planning

Actions in Motion

Lead with Arts has three priorities including Creative Placemaking, which occurs when artists and others blend arts into revitalizing the community. We measure success by the impact these creative interventions contribute toward improving the communities in which we live, work and thrive.

Dance and performance is also a huge part of our mission. We produce original works, choreography and also assist organizations with developing and strengthening their ideas and productions.

Finally, Lead with Arts firmly believes art and health go hand in hand, so we combine arts-based learning objectives and evidence-based medicine to address both psychotherapeutic and physical rehabilitation goals.